Silver Waterfall Sapa: Discovering the Natural Marvel

Have you ever dreamed of being embraced by nature’s breathtaking beauty? If so, then Silver Waterfall Sapa (Thac Bac Waterfall) is an absolute must-visit destination. Located in the mesmerizing mountains of northern Vietnam, this cascading wonder will mesmerize you with its magnificent display of silver-hued water cascading down the rocks. Let’s dive into the beautiful world of Silver Waterfall!

Thac Bac Waterfall’s Outstanding Features

Silver Waterfall Sapa Geographical Location

the silver waterfall sapa vietnam
The location of Silver Waterfall Sapa

Silver Waterfall is a waterfall in O Quy Ho ward, Sapa town, Lao Cai province. The waterfall is located right next to National Highway 4D, the arterial route to Lai Chau province. Silver Waterfall Sapa is situated approximately 15 kilometers from Sapa town to the northwest, making it easily accessible for tourists. The journey from Sapa to the waterfall presents visitors with scenic vistas of lush greenery, terraced fields, and towering mountains.

Waterfall Height 

Silver Waterfall with an altitude of more than 200 meters is the upstream of Muong Hoa stream with an altitude of 1,800 m located at the foot of O Quy Ho pass. With its impressive height, Silver Waterfall is a sight to behold. The water flows down in a series of steps, forming a curtain of silver as it crashes into the pool below. The force and elegance of the waterfall create a symphony of sound and a cool mist that refreshes the senses.

The Origin of Its Name

gorgeous Silver Waterfall Sapa
Why Silver Waterfall got its name

The Waterfall is known locally as “Thac Bac,” which translates as “Silver Waterfall” in English. This is due to the waterfall’s exceptionally strong water, which creates a breathtaking sight as it tumbles down the rock. The intense water flow creates a dazzling white stripe that glows and stands out like silver. It has gained the moniker “Silver Waterfall” among both locals and tourists.

Silver Waterfall Sapa – One of the Coldest Places During Winter

The beautiful silver waterfall sapa vietnam
One of the coldest spots in winter at Sapa is Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall Sapa area is one of the places with the heaviest snowfall in Sapa. In the coldest year, the waterfall area was covered with snow up to 15 cm thick.
At the top of the waterfall, there is a small dam that blocks part of the water for living and there is a trail leading up (the route is difficult to take) the scenery and beautiful views.

Beautiful Nature Surroundings At Silver Waterfall Sapa

Surrounding the waterfall is a pristine landscape of dense forests, rocky cliffs, and vibrant flora, also green vegetation all year round, making it a paradise for nature lovers. The road from Sapa to the waterfall, passing by the green pine trees, the rubber trees covering the hillside, the carpet of roses spreading in the valley…

Climbing up to Sapa Silver Waterfall, you can also admire the panoramic view of Sapa mountain town, Sin Chai valley with the village looming in the mist, surrounded by rolling mountains, undulating towards the horizon.

Local Folklore and Myths

Silver Waterfall holds great cultural significance for the ethnic minority communities residing in the area. According to local folklore, the waterfall is believed to be home to powerful spirits who guard the land and bless the surrounding villages with prosperity and abundance. Legends tell tales of forbidden love, mythical creatures, and the intertwining relationship between nature and humanity.

How to Get to Silver Waterfall From Sapa

how to get to silver waterfall sapa
Different ways to go to the Silver Waterfall Sapa

By car

From Sapa you can get a taxi to the Silver Waterfall, as this destination is far from the town 15 km, a taxi is a good option. If you travel to Silver Waterfall Sapa by your own car, you can drive here easily, the road can be followed by google maps.

By Motorbike

Tourists have a passion for driving to enjoy driving motor feeling. You can ride to waterfalls and on the way, so many majestic mountains and many curvy roads to conquer.

Trekking and Hiking Trails

The area around Sapa Silver Waterfall is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Many trekking and hiking trails allow visitors to explore the stunning landscapes and admire the diverse flora and fauna of the area. There are trails to suit every level of experience whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a novice adventurer.

Must-Try Activities When Come To Silver Waterfall Sapa

Climb on the staircase to Explore Thac Bac Waterfall

 Stunning silver waterfall sapa vietnam
Climbing the stairs to learn more about Silver Waterfall Sapa tour

For the convenience of tourists, staircases have been constructed on both sides of Thac Bac Waterfall, allowing easy access up and down. From these rocky stairwells, visitors can admire the waterfall up close and enjoy panoramic views of the stunning Sapa town.

Buy Local Souvenirs and Specialties

At the foot of Silver Waterfall Sapa, you’ll find an exciting and vibrant market bustling with activity. Wander through the stalls where you can discover a variety of local foods and souvenirs like beautiful scarves and unique handicrafts. 

Savor Some Delicious Local Cuisine

 best silver waterfall sapa tour
Enjoy some delectable regional food

Don’t miss out on trying the delicious food available here too! The food courts offer a tempting array of local snacks and famous specialities such as:

  • Black Chicken: Delight in the unique taste of this local specialty, known for its tender meat and rich flavor.
  • Sapa Pork: Try the succulent pork, sourced from the highlands, with its distinct taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  • Thang Co: Experience the traditional mountainous dish made with various meats, organs, and herbs, creating a flavorful and aromatic broth.
  • Grilled Eggs: Baked eggs in Sapa embody the highland’s refreshing vibe. They are slow-cooked at low temperatures, resulting in a rich flavor. Ideal for winter, this warm dish offers a delightful experience. 
  • Grilled skewers: In Sapa, locals grill small pieces of meat, such as forest birds and pork, on skewers. The mountainous meat, combined with the smoky aroma of charcoal and local spices, creates a unique and popular flavor in these grilled dishes.

Go to the center for breeding salmon

best silver waterfall sapa tour
Visit the salmon breeding center

At the foot of the Silver Waterfall Sapa, turn to the right path, go a little further, you will come to Sapa Silver Falls Salmon Farm, where you can see with your own eyes each school of rainbow trout swimming right in the tropics.

Attractions Near Silver Waterfall

Ethnic Minority Villages

The breathtaking Silver waterfall Sapa
Visit some ethnic minority villages in Sapa

Sapa is home to several ethnic minority groups, including the Hmong, Dao, Tay, and Giay communities. These communities have preserved their unique traditions, customs, and craftsmanship. A visit to the villages near Silver Waterfall provides an opportunity to interact with locals, learn about their way of life, and admire their intricate handicrafts.

The Love Waterfall

Impressive destinations near Silver Waterfall Sapa
The Love Waterfall is the best place for tourists

Located not far from Silver Waterfall (about 2 km), you can watch the waterfall of love flowing from above. Although Love Waterfall does not have a magnificent and majestic beauty like Silver Waterfall, it brings a peaceful and romantic beauty associated with the legend of love.

Tram Ton Pass (O Quy Ho Pass)

The Tram Ton Pass near Silver Waterfall Sapa
Tram Ton Pass (O Quy Ho Pass)

Going from Silver Waterfall Sapa, you continue in the direction of Lai Chau, you can easily see Tram Ton – a beautiful place that attracts many backpackers to come here to explore and travel. Coming to Tram Ton, you can watch the clouds and mountains intertwine to create a beautiful and poetic picture of nature. This pass is one of four biggest passes in Vietnam, with row upon row of mountains.

Glass Bridge

The well-known destination in silver waterfall sapa tour
Glass Bridge in Sapa

If you would like to see “Glass Bridge” and try an adventure game, not far from Silver waterfall you will have an interesting experience. This destination is a new place to discover in Sapa.

Heaven’s Gate

heaven’s gate is located near Silver Waterfall Sapa
Heaven’s Gate in Sapa

Heaven’s Gate is a place not to be missed when coming to Silver Waterfall in Sapa. Located close to Tram Ton, the road to heaven’s gate is winding, but when you come here, you have to say “it’s great”.

The natural scenery here is like a painting with mountains and forests; interweaving clouds, an impressive abyss. Many international online newspapers have listed Sapa heaven gate as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Fansipan Mountain

The destination in silver waterfall sapa vietnam
Fansipan Mountain stands tall as the highest peak in Indochina.

This place is certainly not too strange for many tourists when coming to Sapa, this place is named by many tourists as the “Roof of Indochina”. Fansipan Mount with an altitude of about 3143m and belonging to the Hoang Lien Son mountain range has long attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. Visitors can get to Fansipan peak by cable car or hike to discover Fansipan beauty.

Best Time to Visit Silver Waterfall and Sapa

The attractive Silver Waterfall Sapa
The ideal time to explore Silver Waterfall Sapa Vietnam

The ideal time to visit magnificent Silver Waterfall Sapa varies depending on the activities and sights you seek. 

When it comes to sightseeing, the summer months from April to August offer the perfect weather – comfortable temperatures and minimal rainfall. It’s an excellent time to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing surroundings. 

However, if you happen to visit during September and October, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking sight – the golden terraced fields on your way to Silver Waterfall Sapa. These months mark the ripening season for rice, making it a mesmerizing time to explore the area.

Winter brings a drop in temperature and a serene ambiance as fog blankets Thac Bac Waterfall. This tranquil atmosphere enhances the beauty of the area, creating a captivating winter landscape.

Tips for a Memorable Visit to Silver Waterfall

stunning silver waterfall sapa vietnam
Advice for making your trip to silver waterfall unforgettable 

What to Bring and Wear

When visiting Silver Waterfall Sapa Vietnam, it’s important to come prepared. Comfortable walking shoes, lightweight clothing, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a reusable water bottle are essential. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking moments.

Safety Precautions

While exploring Silver Waterfall, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Pay attention to signage, follow designated paths, and avoid venturing too close to the waterfall’s edge. Be cautious of slippery surfaces, especially during or after rainfall. Respect the environment and adhere to any guidelines or regulations put in place to preserve the natural beauty of the area.


As you explore the enchanting beauty of Silver Waterfall Sapa, let the cascading waters and lush greenery transport you to a world of tranquility. The majestic sight and soothing sounds will invigorate your senses, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. A visit to Silver Waterfall is an opportunity to connect with nature and find inner peace amidst this natural wonder.

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