Ta Phin Village: Exploring the Rich Culture and Scenic Beauty

Ta Phin Village is nestled amidst the rolling hills of northern Vietnam. Here, traditional culture intertwines seamlessly with breathtaking natural beauty. Wander through narrow alleys lined with quaint wooden houses, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the locals. With its vibrant markets, lush rice terraces, and serene atmosphere, Ta Phin invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and relaxation.

Overview Of Ta Phin Village

Explore the captivating history, geographical features, and climate of Ta Phin Village, offering a comprehensive overview of this enchanting destination

History of Ta Phin Village

ta phin village sapa vietnam
Delve into the rich historical tapestry of Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village has a rich history that dates back centuries. It is believed that the village was established by the Red Dao ethnic group, who migrated to the area from China. Over time, the Red Dao people settled in the fertile valleys, cultivating the land and creating a sustainable way of life. The village has witnessed the ebb and flow of history, remaining a resilient testament to the strength of its people.

Location and Geography

Nestled in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, Ta Phin Village Vietnam offers awe-inspiring views of terraced rice fields, rolling hills, and verdant valleys. The village is located approximately 17 kilometers northeast of Sapa, making it easily accessible for travelers. Its strategic location allows visitors to embark on treks through the surrounding mountains, immersing themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the region.

Ta Phin Weather

The weather in Ta Phin
Discover the diverse weather patterns shaping the ambiance in Ta Phin

Ta Phin Village enjoys a subtropical highland climate, offering four distinct seasons. 

  • Summers bring warmth and humidity, with temperatures averaging 20°C to 30°C alongside frequent showers. 
  • Winters are cooler, ranging from 5°C to 15°C
  • Spring and fall bless visitors with mild, pleasant weather around 20°C, creating ideal conditions for exploration and outdoor activities throughout the year.

How to get this village

transportation to get Ta Phin Village
Navigate the routes and modes of transportation to reach Ta Phin Village

By Car

On the main way to the villages, there are some check-in points with nice views for visitors to see the villages from high places. However, the roads in villages are narrow, sometimes the car cannot access the high village and go inside, visitors should consider traveling by this option. If you go by car, cars can now enter the center of Ta Phin commune.

By Motorbike

Many tourists prefer traveling by motorcycle from downtown Sapa to Ta Phin Village Vietnam, finding it both economical and time-efficient. The journey typically takes 2 to 3 hours, offering flexibility and freedom. Renting a motorbike in Sapa, costing 120,000 – 150,000 VND per day, allows for leisurely exploration. However, caution is advised due to the mountainous and winding roads, particularly for inexperienced riders.

Trekking Ta Phin village

To truly experience the essence of Ta Van village and all villages in Muong Hoa Valley, embark on the numerous trails and treks that crisscross the region. These trails lead you through breathtaking landscapes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the valley’s beauty. Along the way, you’ll encounter ethnic minority villages, each with its distinct culture and traditions.

Refer trekking tours to Muong Hoa valley including Ta Van village here: sapanomad.com

Best Time To Visit Ta Phin Village

best time to Ta Phin Village
Plan your trip wisely to enjoy the optimal season in Ta Phin Village

For the ultimate Sapa and to have the best experience, you should visit this village between September to November or March to May. 

  • During September to November, witness the mesmerizing transformation of the surrounding hills’ rice terraces into a golden hue. 
  • If you’re keen on observing local farmers planting rice, plan your trip between March to May. During this period, enjoy pleasant weather and vibrant landscapes adorned with blooming flowers, perfect for unforgettable sightseeing adventures.

Things to try in Ta Phin village

Exploring the Rice Terraces

 rice terraces in Ta Phin Village
Embark on an adventure through the captivating rice terraces landscape

The characteristic of field cultivation of the ethnic people in Ta Phin village is terraced fields. Curved terraced fields spread out before the eyes like silk. Rows of terraced fields, layers and layers, are close together like silver streams, filled with water, reflecting the clouds and sky in the landscape.

The terraced rice fields and mountains create a nice picture. You will see farmers planting rice, some buffaloes eating grass, children playing around the fields.

Experience Ta Phin Cave

best experiences in Ta Phin Village vietnam
Delve into the enchanting depths of the mesmerizing Ta Phin Cave

Ta Phin cave, also known as Ti O Cam, belongs to a mountain range in the same branch as Hoang Lien Son. The cave is about 5m high, about 3m wide.

From the entrance of the cave down to the depths of the earth, only one person can fit, you have to go about 30m more. The deeper you go down, the more narrow the cave becomes. The feeling is a bit scary, but honestly, it is also full of excitement and adventure, you will not know what is waiting for you in the front until you encounter the super huge stalactites with enough different shapes. 

Visit Ta Phin village Monastery

Monastery in ta phin village vietnam
Explore the serene halls of the historic Ta Phin Monastery

Ta Phin Monastery was built in 1942. This was a place for Christian nuns to live for many years before leaving for Hanoi in 1945 due to the unstable security situation. Since then, the monastery has been abandoned as ruins, but because it was built with solid laterite, the walls and pillars still exist today and have become an extremely hot check-in point for young people.

Take Red Dao’s Herbal Bath

 herbal bath in ta phin village sapa
Indulge in the rejuvenating tradition of the Red Dao’s herbal bath

Ta Phin Village Vietnam is also famous for its traditional healing baths, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. Dao girls wear rattan baskets full of leaves on their backs or the porches of ethnic people’s houses are covered with leaves. The Red Dao people have a very long tradition of bathing with tobacco leaves regularly, especially at the end of the year and the end of the month. Meaning as to wash away all the bad luck of the old year, help the body to be refreshed and healthy to welcome the new year.

Immerse yourself in the Culture and Traditions of Ethnic Minorities’ Lives

Traditional Costumes

traditional ta phin village sapa
Adorn yourself in the vibrant hues of traditional Red Dao costumes

One of the most captivating aspects of Ta Phin Village is the vibrant traditional costumes worn by its inhabitants. The Red Dao women, in particular, are known for their elaborate attire, which features intricate embroidery and vibrant colors. These costumes are not merely clothing; they are a reflection of the wearer’s social status, age, and marital status. 

Festivals and Celebrations

 beautiful ta phin village sapa vietnam
Partake in the vibrant festivities and cultural celebrations of Ta Phin

Throughout the year, this village comes alive with colorful festivals and celebrations. These events provide a glimpse into the community’s rich cultural heritage and offer visitors a chance to partake in traditional rituals, music, and dance. The most significant festival in Ta Phin village Sapa is the Gau Tao Festival, held annually to honor the deities and seek blessings for a prosperous year ahead. Attending these festivities is a unique and immersive experience for travelers.

Traditional Handicrafts

handicrafts items in ta phin village sapa
Discover the intricate artistry and heritage preserved in traditional handicrafts

The skilled artisans of Ta Phin Village are renowned for their traditional handicrafts. From intricate embroidery to handmade textiles and silver jewelry, the village is a treasure trove of exquisite craftsmanship. Visitors can witness these artisans at work, honing their skills and creating beautiful pieces that showcase the community’s cultural identity. Purchasing these handicrafts not only supports the local economy but also helps preserve the traditional crafts for future generations.

Savor Local Cuisine and Traditional Dishes

food in ta phin village vietnam
Delight in the rich flavors of authentic local cuisine delicacies

Ta Phin Village Vietnam has dishes with bold traditional flavors of the ethnic people here. In addition to Sapa specialties such as thang co, corn wine, horse meat, grilled chicken, Meo’s vegetables, fried chicken with lemongrass, braised pork belly, pork soup cooked with bamboo shoots and crocodiles… are the most typical dishes of the ethnic people in Ta Phin.

Homestay Experience in Ta Phin village Sapa

accommodation in ta phin village vietnam
Immerse yourself in the warmth of local hospitality with a homestay

For travelers seeking an immersive cultural experience, Ta Phin Village Spa offers the opportunity to stay in traditional homestays. This allows visitors to live alongside the local communities, partaking in their daily routines and gaining a deeper understanding of their way of life. 

Tips to discover Ta Phin village

ta phin village sapa vietnam
Unlock the hidden gems of Ta Phin village with these tips 

When traveling to this village, there are several customary rules that you need to remember to make your trip good and smooth as follows:

  • Follow some rules when visiting the house: According to the concept of the people here, guests who want to visit the house must follow the instructions of the owner.
    • Seat: The chair at the head of the table is a position for parents, visitors are not allowed to sit in.
    • Drinks: When the host invites you to drink water or wine, if you don’t want to drink, politely decline, but do not put the bowl down on the table. Only shamans are allowed to do so to ward off evil spirits.
    • During meal: Guests sitting to drink wine, exchange, and chat with the owner are not allowed to talk and point their fingers in front. Such behavior is considered to be an expression of displeasure or contempt for the person speaking.
  • Don’t wear white clothes: When entering the village, please note that you should not wear white because that is the color of the funeral, nor whistle when walking around to admire the village. The reason is that the ethnic people believe that the sound of the whistle is the call of the devil to the village.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Because the road to Ta Phin village Sapa is mainly hilly and difficult to go, there are many potholes, so those who plan to ride a motorbike to visit the village should prepare neat clothes for convenient transportation.
  • Prepare flashlight when visiting the cave: Those who intend to explore Ta Phin Cave should prepare a flashlight because the way to the cave is quite deep and dark. If you are afraid of getting lost, you can ask a local brother/sister to guide you to explore the cave!
  • Before taking a bath: If you want to try the medicinal leaf bath service of the Red Dao, you should not bathe when you are too hungry, or too full, nor should you take a long bath because it is easy to get drunk.


Ta Phin Village VietNam is a captivating destination that offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Exploring the village’s rich traditions, interacting with its diverse ethnic communities, and immersing oneself in the breathtaking landscapes create an unforgettable experience. Ta Phin Village beckons travelers to embark on a journey of discovery, where they can witness the resilience of a community and celebrate the beauty of its traditions.


Accordion title

Ta Phin Village is approximately 7 kilometers northeast of Sapa. You can hire a motorbike, join a guided tour, or take a local taxi to reach the village.
Yes, Ta Phin Village offers traditional homestay accommodations, allowing visitors to experience the local way of life.
Some of the must-try dishes include “thang co” (a traditional stew), “com lam” (bamboo rice), and “cốm” (young sticky rice).
Yes, there are several trekking trails in and around Ta Phin Village that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.
Supporting the local community can be done by purchasing locally made handicrafts, staying in homestays, and engaging in responsible tourism practices that respect the village’s traditions and environment.

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