Viettrekking Sapa Hotel: Your Tranquil Sapa Stopover

Sa Pa, with its ethereal beauty and relaxing appeal, has a particular place in the hearts of those who have been captivated by its allure. The foggy mountains and verdant woodlands evoke an indescribable sense of nostalgia. 

But what truly distinguishes Sa Pa are its distinctive homestays and hotels, which provide a glimpse into the native way of life while adding a touch of authenticity to the experience. For me, Viettrekking Sapa Hotel is the ideal 4-star accommodation from the hustle and bustle of city life, letting me reconnect with nature and revitalize my spirit in the embrace of this magnificent region.

Overview of Viettrekking Sapa Hotel

Sapa's charm at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel's doorstep
Discover serenity amidst nature’s embrace at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel

Viettrekking Sapa Hotel, nestled atop a high hill overlooking Sa Pa town and the impressive Hoang Lien mountain range, offers breathtaking views of nature’s grandeur. The serene atmosphere allows you to witness the beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests, highlighted by the enchanting sea of clouds. 

While not as grand or flashy as other accommodations in the area, Viettrekking Sapa’s simple and intimate design captures a charm of its own. Every aspect of the hotel is meticulously planned, exuding a warmth that makes you feel at ease. If you seek a tranquil retreat with a natural touch, Viettrekking Sapa is the perfect choice for a cozy and inviting stay amidst the beauty of Sapa.

Please note this is a subjective opinion as each person will have different opinions and feelings.

Location: Scenic views, Close To Town

Find adventure at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel
Indulge in luxury and immerse in Sapa’s enchanting landscapes here
  • Location: 33 Hoang Lien, Sa Pa Town, Sa Pa, Lao Cai
  • Rating: 9.2/10

The location of Viettrekking Sapa Hotel is perfect for exploring Sa Pa! It’s right on Hoang Lien Street, just a quick 5-minute stroll to the Stone Church and Sa Pa Center. Plus, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the entire Fansipan mountain range and Muong Hoa Valley, adding an extra layer of beauty to your trip. With such a convenient and picturesque location, Viettrekking Sapa Hotel offers an ideal starting point for your Sa Pa adventures.

Price: Room Rates

Price: Reasonable

I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the room rates at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel, considering it’s a 4-star establishment. With a range of options available, there’s something to fit every budget. Check out the table below to find the perfect accommodation for your trip today:

Types of rooms Key features Price
Bungalow Room
  • Room size: 45 m²/484 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 king bed
Premium Deluxe Panorama Mountain View Room
  • Room size: 32 m²/344 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 queen bed
Phòng Superior Family Twin
  • Room size: 30 m²/323 ft²
  • Garden View
  • 2 Double beds
Deluxe Mountain View Room with Balcony
  • Room size: 32 m²/344 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 queen bed
Deluxe Garden View
  • 30 m²/323  ft²
  • View vườn
  • 1 double bed room
Premium Deluxe Mountain View Room
  • Room size: 32 m²/344 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 queen bed
Standard Room (Non-View)
  • Room size: 18 m²/194 ft²
  • Non-smoking
  • 1 king bed
Dormitory Room – Mixed
  • Non-smoking
  • 4 bunk beds

*Note: Prices may vary depending on the season and time of year. Therefore, it is necessary to check the prices before making a booking.

Accommodation: Rooms, Amenities, Services Offered

 Escape to mountain elegance at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel
Experience comfort and luxury in Viettrekking Sapa Hotel

Rating: 9.1/10

I opted for the Deluxe Mountain View Room with a Balcony, and it was a fantastic choice. The view of the mountains and passing trains was absolutely stunning, providing the perfect backdrop for photos with my friend. The room itself was spacious and elegant, with plenty of power outlets for our devices. The toilet was stylish and the bed was big and comfortable.

While the overall cleanliness of the property was impeccable, I was not a fan of the washroom layout. The shower area was not separated from the rest of the bathroom, leading to the toilet paper holder and other items getting wet.

Other Amenities

Rating: 9.1/10

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel
Enjoy leisurely swims with breathtaking mountain views at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel

I had the pleasure of swimming in the pool at the Viettrekking Sapa Hotel, which was a nice experience. The pool was clean and well-maintained, with beautiful mountain views. The water was the ideal temperature for a pleasant swim after a day of climbing. I really loved the nice lounge chairs where I could tan and relax. It’s worth coming here to relax and enjoy the beautiful swimming view.

Cafe Shop With Mountain View

 Cafe shop at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel
Savor coffee with a scenic backdrop at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel’s café

At Viettrekking Sapa Hotel, I found a cozy café with stunning mountain views. They offer a wide range of delicious drinks at budget-friendly prices. On chilly mornings, I loved sitting in a quiet corner of the homestay, sipping a hot coffee while watching the sky change from dawn to sunrise. It was a peaceful moment, surrounded by the beauty of nature, that made my stay even more memorable.

Dining: Restaurants, cuisine options, dining experience

Comfort at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel
Enjoy culinary delights in the charming ambiance of Sapa

Rating: 9.0/10 

Dining at the Viettrekking Sapa Hotel restaurant was a highlight of my experience. Situated on the 2nd floor, the restaurant boasts ample space for up to 200 guests. Its modern yet cozy ambiance sets the stage for various occasions, whether it’s a lively birthday celebration, a romantic dinner, or a cherished family gathering.

The menu offers a delightful array of options, ranging from hearty breakfast buffets to tantalizing specialties like “Meal in the clouds” and “Grilled in the clouds,” along with Northwest delicacies, European dishes, and vegetarian fare. Each dish was crafted to perfection, catering to diverse palates and ensuring a memorable culinary journey.

Personally, I indulged in their delicious Chicken Pho and couldn’t resist their aromatic coffee. The flavors were exceptional! Besides, I highly recommend trying their chicken fried rice, crispy bacon, and flavorful tofu.

Customer Service: Staff Friendliness, Responsiveness To Needs

 Nature's beauty at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel
Enjoy personalized service and warm welcomes throughout your stay here

Rating: 9.2/10

When my friend and I arrived early, before the check-in time of 2 pm, the staff warmly greeted us and offered to hold our luggage. They even let us do a pre-check-in so we could explore the area without carrying heavy bags. The receptionist was incredibly friendly and helped us book a taxi whenever we needed it. The process of check-in was smooth and efficient. The staff were so attentive and made us feel right at home. This hotel is one of the best places I’ve stayed at. From the stunning views to the exceptional service, staying here was an unforgettable experience.


In conclusion, my experience at Viettrekking Sapa Hotel was truly enjoyable. The hotel’s prime location provided stunning mountain vistas and a unique view of passing trains. The attentive service and cleanliness were commendable, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. However, I must admit that the washroom layout wasn’t to my liking. Despite this, the overall experience was delightful, making Viettrekking Sapa a great choice for those seeking comfort and natural beauty while staying in Sapa.


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