Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam: A Rustic Northwest Retreat

Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam is a renowned Homestay in Vietnam’s picturesque Sa Pa region. Known for its stunning Northwest design, inspired by the indigenous ethnic groups of Sa Pa, this eco-friendly retreat offers a truly unique and immersive experience. At Chapa Ecolodge, you’ll be surrounded by nature while enjoying comfortable accommodations and a warm atmosphere. In this article, Sapa Nomad will provide insights into the enchanting Northwest style that defines Chapa Ecolodge’s distinctive design.

Overview of Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam

Create memories at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam
Experience the serene charm of Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam

Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam embraces the timeless charm of Northwest Mountain architecture. Crafted from locally sourced wood, baked bricks, and stones, the lodge exudes a serene and elegant ambiance. The bungalows, adorned with unique brick designs, capture the rustic essence of the region, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. 

These bricks not only add to the lodge’s visual appeal but also provide durability against the elements. With excellent soundproofing and heat insulation, Chapa Ecolodge ensures a cozy stay for guests while also reducing construction costs and time. Amidst its simple yet captivating design, visitors can reconnect with cherished memories of childhood.

Please note this is a subjective opinion as each person will have different opinions and feelings.

Location: Scenic views, Close To Town

Tranquility of Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam
The location of Chapa Ecolodge in Sapa is quite far from Sapa Town

Rating: 8.5/10

Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam, offers a serene retreat nestled atop a scenic hill in Lao Chai commune’s heart. With panoramic views of the valley and terraced fields from every angle, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Just 4.5km from Sapa town, the lodge provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle, immersing guests in village tranquility. Its location on the Y Linh Ho – Muong Hoa trail ensures easy access for adventurers. The only drawback is the inconvenience of getting to the town, the transport fees added up can be quite pricey.

Price: Room Rates

Price: From mid-range to high-end price

I found the room rates to be reasonable for the amenities offered. With just 6 bungalow rooms, the Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere. I enjoyed spending time on the sundeck and picnicking in the garden. The price range falls between mid-range to high-end, but I believe it’s justified by the quality experience Chapa Ecolodge provides.

Types of rooms Key features Price
Deluxe Bungalow
  • Room size: 30 m²/323 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 king bed
Deluxe Double Bungalow
  • Room size: 30 m²/323 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 queen bed
Deluxe Twin Bungalow
  • Room size: 30 m²/323 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 2 single beds
Triple Bungalow
  • Room size: 35 m²/377 ft²
  • Mountain view
  • 1 single bed or 1 double bed
Family Bungalow
  • Room size: 30 m²/323 ft²
  • 2 single beds

*Note: Prices may vary depending on the season and time of year. Therefore, it is necessary to check the prices before making a booking.

Accommodation: Rooms, Amenities, Services Offered

Hospitality at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam
Relax in comfort amidst nature at Chapa Ecolodge in Sapa Vietnam

Rating: 8.9/10


As I opened the door to my room at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam, I was immediately struck by the attention to detail in the interior design. The bathroom was spotless, and the comfortable mattress and perfect pillows promised a restful night’s sleep. Above the bed hung a large mosquito net, ensuring a peaceful sleep free from unwanted visitors. I found everything I needed, from a water heater to toiletries like towels and a toothbrush.

But the highlight of my stay was undoubtedly the breathtaking views from my room. With just a lift of my camera, I captured stunning photos of the surrounding scenery. The tranquility of waking up and going to bed amidst such beauty was truly rejuvenating.


However, the room itself was quite cold, despite the air conditioner set to max, and the hot water heater only provided warmth for a short period. Moreover, there was a space in the room, and the door design allowed chilly drafts to seep in, making me feel even colder. Visiting in December, with temperatures at 4°C, I found it nerve-wracking to shower, even with three layers of clothing. However, the staff helped adjust the air conditioner, and their assistance was appreciated.

Other Amenities: Outdoor Space

Beautiful view at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam
The serene outdoor space at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam, beckons tranquility

I loved the outdoor space at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam. Surrounded by lush trees and nestled among the hills, it felt like a green paradise. The natural stone pavement added a rustic charm while ensuring safety. I felt so at ease and comfortable, just soaking in the beauty of nature. It was the ideal place to unwind after a day of exploration.

Dining: Restaurants, cuisine options, dining experience

Beauty of Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam
Savor local flavors while enjoying breathtaking views at Chapa Ecolodge in Sapa Vietnam

Rating: 9.0/10

As I stepped into the cozy restaurant at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam, I was greeted by a warm wooden interior, bathed in soft yellow light. With a capacity for about 25 diners, the intimate atmosphere felt just right. The white glass doors offered glimpses of the breathtaking Sa Pa mountains and forests, adding to the dining experience. 

As I sat down to enjoy my meal, I couldn’t help but appreciate the delicious food served before me. From local delicacies to comforting favorites, every dish was a delight to the senses. Especially, I fell in love with the rice pancake for breakfast, which was delicious.

Customer Service: Staff Friendliness, Responsiveness To Needs

Rating: 9.1/10

I had a delightful experience with the staff at Chapa Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam. They were all incredibly friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to assist whenever I needed help. Despite my numerous questions, they remained patient and provided thorough explanations. For instance, when I inquired about nearby hiking trails, a staff member not only outlined the routes but also shared insightful tips for a safe and enjoyable trek. Their warmth and dedication truly enhanced my stay, making me feel welcomed.


In conclusion, I had a great experience with the excellent customer service provided at Chapa Ecolodge in Sapa Vietnam. However, I did notice that the room was a bit cold, giving the impression that the heating system might not be sufficient to warm up the entire space. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the location of this place is slightly far from Sapa Town. Overall, despite these minor inconveniences, I still enjoyed my stay and appreciated the attentive staff.


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